Be honest.

Break the Stigma.

Break the stigma.

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Be Honest

Being real about our mental health can reduce stigma by fostering open discussions and understanding. Start the conversation.

Be Heard

When the voices of youth and families are amplified, their journeys with mental illness can provide hope and strength to others like them. Share your story.

Be Informed

Increasing knowledge of mental health through education and social connections is vital in dismantling the myths and stereotypes that reinforce stigma. Grow through learning.

For Youth

Talking about your mental health can be scary, but remember: you’re not alone! Learn more about mental health and read stories from other young people in Ottawa County like you.

For Families

Destigmatizing mental health starts at home. Learn more about how to talk openly about mental health and find resources for supporting family members with mental health diagnoses.

For Everyone

Mental health affects us all, directly or indirectly, and reducing stigma is a collective responsibility. Together, we can break down stereotypes and create a more supportive, understanding, and accepting community.

The Ottawa County Collaborative to Strengthen Youth and Families exists to identify and bridge gaps in services, equip service providers, create community dialogue, and ensure every child in Ottawa County has access to the supports and services they need.

This campaign effort is a collaboration between Mental Health Service Providers throughout Ottawa County and funded by Community Mental Health of Ottawa County (CMHOC) and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).