Strong families talk about mental health.

Support tough discussions.

Be Honest

Why do kids say they’re fine when they’re not?

When we are able to “be honest” about mental health, we can help break the stigma that prevents many families from seeking treatment for their child. If you’ve heard these common myths, it’s time to spread the word about the facts!


A diagnosis will ruin my child’s future.


A diagnosis can help you access tools and resources to better help your child succeed.


Claiming my child has mental illness is just an excuse for bad behaviors or bad parenting.


Most mental health conditions have biological causes.


We don’t need help. We can handle this as a family.


Partnerships between youth, family, and mental health providers are more likely to see successful outcomes.

Start the Conversation

Make a plan

Find a good time and place to talk

Listen to their concerns

Speak their language

Be ready with resources

Be Heard

“My story gave them strength.”

Explore the heartfelt journeys of families who have walked the path of raising a child with a mental health diagnosis. Discover stories of resilience, hope, and empowerment that can inspire and guide you through similar challenges, offering a sense of unity and understanding in your own journey.

Share Your Story

Believe in the power of your voice. Sharing your mental health story can inspire hope and strength in those who may be struggling. Our stories have the potential to break stigma, create connections, and uplift those who need to hear that they are not alone.

Be Informed

Knowledge can connect.

Diving into the world of mental health can be daunting for families. Embracing opportunities to learn and to share with other families can foster empathy, allowing us to better connect with our children when they are struggling with their mental health.

Build Connection

Social connections play a crucial role in supporting parents and families. By cultivating meaningful relationships within a community, families can find solace in knowing they are not alone and gain strength from shared experiences. Discover a network of encouragement that can help uplift your family during the hard parts.

COMING SOON! Find local support groups, social gatherings, and learning opportunities!