Your mental health matters.

Empower your voice.

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Be Honest

Why do we say “I’m fine” when we aren’t?

The stigma that can surround mental health can make it difficult to be honest when we are struggling. It’s time to separate the myths from the facts!


My parents will be disappointed in me.


Your parents love you and want you to be safe.


I’m too young to have a mental health condition.


Three-quarters of mental health disorders begin before age 24. (Source)


A diagnosis will ruin my future.


A diagnosis can help you find tools and resources to build a better future.

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Be Heard

“My story gave them hope.”

Discover the power of shared experiences by reading stories from local youth just like you. Let their strengths and struggles inspire you to find hope in your own journey.

Share Your Story

Believe in the power of your voice. Sharing your mental health story can inspire hope and strength in those who may be struggling. Our stories have the potential to break stigma, create connections, and uplift those who need to hear that they are not alone.

Be Informed

Knowledge can empower.

Navigating a new diagnosis can be overwhelming. Embrace the power of knowledge and community by learning more about your mental health condition and connecting with others who share similar experiences. Become empowered to take charge of your mental health.

Find Support.

Social connections are like lifelines that weave a safety net of support, reducing isolation and offering hope in times of need. By building relationships, we can find comfort, understanding, and encouragement to navigate the challenges of mental health together.

Coming soon! Find local support groups, social gatherings, and learning opportunities!