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Story #24823

Female, 23

"Never give up on yourself because you will get through this."

As I sit here writing my story for this campaign it makes me reflect on my past and think, “oh man, where do I even begin?” We all know that life is hard and even when we think we can no longer continue somehow our resilient human bodies do. So much goes on and it becomes apart of our story. As we grow up and go through elementary, middle, high school, and so on those memories shape us into ve...

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Story #24640

Female, 33

"Outwardly I was ok, inwardly I was still a mess. "

My mental health journey, similar to many people's, started in middle school. Technically earlier if you take into account my ACE's score, but that is more of my backstory and not my journey. I was about 12-13 when I first noticed that I did not feel good about myself. I knew I was surrounded by supportive friends, I had a home, mom and dad, I did average in school, I was not not pretty, I was not...

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Story #24638

Female, 49

"In all of this...I had my faith tugging at my heart strings…keeping me afloat."

I would like to start my story around the time I left my church back in 2002 for reasons I will explain. I have had a lot of trials in the 22 years since then that will remain between God and I but I will share some of them with you. The only reason I left my church was because I had gone through something horrible in my life and marriage and I was embarrassed and h...

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Story #24078

Female, 38

"I know that this new journey will be different – because this new journey, it’s starting with hope."

Overwhelmed; my son’s struggles in school were adding daily to my own anxiety. He’s so smart, but it hadn’t been demonstrated in his grades. How could I help him succeed? Judged; his impulsive behaviors and uncontrollable energy seemed to be alienating friends and family and I was feeling alone. I couldn’t shake the belief that they blamed his behaviors on poor parenting. Desperate; I know...

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